1000 + Stain Remover and cleaning solutions

Highly concentrated for super value! Over 10 litres of cleaning product.

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  GOT STAINS?    1000+ USES

The only product you need for all your stain removing and cleaning challenges. Highly concentrated for super value!  Over 10 litres of cleaning product.

Winning Colours is pleased to introduce New Zealand to Winning Colours Stain Remover, a leading cleaner in North America, made by Winning Brands Corporation in Canada (www.winningbrands.com). 
Winning Colours is something different...it has over 1000 uses - no household should be without it!  This is a stain remover and cleaner that truly works.   Winning Colours is safe for the environment, the skin, all types of fabrics and most surfaces.  It works on all types of paint stains and clean-up; most laundry stains (old and new); carpet and upholstery cleaning - including pet stains, food, grease and red wine.  It also can be diluted for a general household cleaner to clean floors, walls, cupboards, counters, basins and toilets; marine and car cleaner; and the list goes on!
Common household and industrial cleaners contain contaminants such as Enzymes, Phosphates and Fluorescent (Whitening Agents) that not only pollute but also damage the water supply.  The major problem with most other common cleaners is their relatively slow biodegradability leads to an accumulation of toxins in the water supply.  Those are then available to be ingested by humans, animals and fish.  The higher the concentration of toxins, the more dangerous they are to our health.  This is also especially important in environmentally sensitive areas where wildlife can be easily affected.
Winning Colours Stain Remover does not contain any Enzymes, Phosphates, Whitening Agents, Bleaches, Dry Cleaning Fluids, Corrosive Agents, Artificial Fragrances or Non-biodegradable ingredients.  Winning Colours Stain Remover is rapidly biodegradable and is fully broken down in only five (5) days under normal circumstances.
It is the goal of Winning Brands Corporation to give you positive new choices in cleaning products that are effective and eco-responsible.  It is not our purpose to criticize other cleaning products already in use, some of which are satisfactory. The question is whether we can go beyond satisfactory to a higher standard of performance, eco-responsibility and value. We hope to earn the right of becoming a new favourite in your home or business for the categories in which we specialize by pleasantly surprising consumers with the features and benefits that are now available in advanced environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions.